About Dominique

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As owner and organizer, I've always been a strong believer that less is more. Ask my family I’m always throwing things away. Oops sorry…

I strongly believe in open space, clear counter tops, a place for everything or it's not needed mindset, the purge is my favorite part! I've been a neat freak since I was a kid, I’ve always had an organized dresser and closet and room from a young age.

I studied Fashion Merchandising Management at the Fashion Institute of Technology and at the same time I've been working in retail since my senior year in high school. I always loved doing visual merchandising in stores, doing displays, refolding product to make everything look perfect if only for a few minutes. I also enjoyed helping in stockrooms to make sure everything is organized and easy to find. I believe organization is key in all aspects of life. I'll never forget doing an assignment at FIT, we had to pick a piece of furniture we would be and I wrote a paper about being a filing cabinet, a beautiful rustic modern wooden filing cabinet. A strong statement piece, a beautiful space of art. I said I would be the most beautifully organized cabinet because everything would be neatly organized, all files color coordinated and labeled to perfection making locating everything so efficient for everyone in the office.

That famous what are you passionate about question everyone asks?  “For me organizing is therapeutic, I love that I can see the progress right away, I’m all about results and there’s a clear beginning and an end. The best part is that when it's complete I have created something new that someone didn’t know was even possible. We all know life gets crazy and there’s not enough hours in the day so my goal is to help create an environment that helps you relax and also to make a space you’ve been struggling to figure out how to organize it a place you can finally love and enjoy!”

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